Site Meter Kidney & Hypertension Care Center - Insurance
To reduce your clinic wait time, please provide insurance information to our office staff ahead of your scheduled appointment time.  Thank You!


We accept health insurance from the following major health insurance providers and many other local insurance companies not listed here:

  •         - Aetna Health Insurance

  •         - Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance

  •         - Cigna Health Insurance

  •         - Humana Health Insurance

  •         - Texas Health Spring Insurance

  •         - Texan Plus Insurance

  •         - Community Health Choice Insurance

  •         - United Healthcare Insurance

  •         - Medicare, Part A & B with or without supplementary insurance

  •         - Medicaid

  •         - We also take Cash Only paitients (contact our office for payment details)

It is possible that our information is not being updated with your insurance company.  Our office continuously work with numerous insurance companies to get the paperwork updated.  To find out if we're in-network or out-of-network on your particular insurance plan, call your insurance company or look online on their website to see if Dr Mehreen Khan is on your Providers List.  If she is out-of-network,  you will have to pay a portion of,  or,  your total fee,  depending on your plan rules.  You’ll find your insurance plan's phone number and website on the back of your insurance cards.  Please contact your health insurance provider for obtaining further details about your insurance plan and financial obligations. 

As a courtesy to you,  we file your medical claim with your primary and secondary insurance companies.   However,  you or your designated party is obligated to pay any portion not covered by your insurance(s).

If you have Medicare and a secondary insurance plan,  Medicare will automatically forward your bill to your secondary insurance plan for you.    Just call Medicare to tell them to do that.   The number is on the back of your Medicare card.   Tell them you have a secondary insurance plan and you want all your bills to  “cross-over electronically”  to your secondary insurance plan.   It's as easy as that.   You will only get billed,  if at all,  for what’s left, after both insurance plans have paid.  

Medicare's customer service is there to help you.   Call them at  1-800-MEDICARE.   You can also see additional information on the Medicare web site by clicking: Medicare