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Frequently Asked Questions

What is chronic kidney disease (CKD)?

Chronic kidney disease is a condition which involves a decreased level of kidney function or the evidence of kidney damage for more than three months.   People at risk for this disease are those with diabeteshigh blood pressure or people with similar family history.

What are the different stages of CKD?

Once a patient is diagnosed with CKD,  it is crucial to determine the level of kidney function.   The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) has recognized (5) five stages of CKD.   Each stage represents a level of kidney function known by a creatinine clearance.

  The (5) five stages:  

Stage 1 CrCl > 90

Stage 2 CrCl 60-89

Stage 3 CrCl 30-59

Stage 4 CrCl 15-29

Stage 5 CrCl <15 (may require dialysis)

Why are kidneys important to the human body?

Kidneys clean and eliminate waste from the blood.   They remove extra water,  and regulate levels of minerals and chemicals in the body.   They also produce hormones which help control your blood pressure and create red blood cells.

How do I protect my kidneys?

There are multiple ways that you can protect your kidneys and delay the development of CKD.   Good blood pressure control,  diet and nutrition plans,  smoking cessation,  and control of diabetes.   These are all ways to help your kidneys work properly.   It is also helpful to be informed about your test results,  consult with Dr Mehreen Khan about any problems or questions,  and be involved in your treatment plan.

What can a Nephrologist do for me?

A nephrologist is a type of doctor who treats patients with kidney problems and associated hypertension or high blood pressure,  fluid and mineral imbalance, dialysis of body wastes when the kidneys do not function,  consult with surgeons about kidney transplantation.   Once you have been diagnosed with any type of kidney disease,  an early referral to a nephrologist is crucial in preserving and protecting your kidneys and most importantly you.   Being an expert in kidney diseases,  Dr Mehreen Khan has the understanding and skills to work specifically with you to formulate an individual plan of care.   You can setup an office appointment with her to discuss your treatment plan in detail.   Our office contact information is listed below.

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