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About Us

Kidney and Hypertension Care Center (KHCC) is a private practice established in February 2011.   Our practice provides consulting services in the field of Nephrology (i.e., kidney diseases).   Our out-patient clinics are located in Texas Medical Center (TMC) and in South-East Houston.  KHCC has experienced trained staff that can provide treatment for a very wide range of kidney problems like kidney stones, polycystic kidney, kidney inflammation, kidney infection, kidney failure , etc.   We can provide comprehensive treatment for acute kidney injury (AKI),  chronic kidney disease (CKD),  end stage renal disease (ESRD).   We can create and maintain accesses of dialysis therapies and can also perform kidney biopsies.    We can also provide treatment for high blood pressure associated with kidney disease,   For ESRD patients, we can coordinate and manage smooth transition from dialysis to kidney transplantation in consultation with world's best kidney transplant surgeons at Texas Medical Center. At our clinics, we have a high turn over rate for dialysis patients transitioning to kidney transplant.

At KHCC,  we take pride in providing timely care to our patients with high blood pressure and kidney disease.   Our goal is to provide numerous avenues of care to our patients and their family members with proper understanding of the entire process of their treatment.   Furthermore,  we provide assistance to them in making informed decisions in improving their well being.

Dr. Mehreen Khan is the Chief Nephrologist and President at Kidney and Hypertension Care Center.   She is working in the field of Nephrology since 2007.   She has been board certified in Internal Medicine and Nephrology by the American Board of Internal Medicine.   She is professionally affiliated with American Society of Nephrology,   Renal Physicians AssociationTexas Medical Association and Harris County Medical Association.

Our Vision

To render quality care to our patients and to keep their best interest in our entire decision making.   To maintain proactive communication and exchange of information between patient and their family, the clinical staff,  the primary care physician, the dialysis company, and the health insurance providers.   To provide superior care by aggressively managing the services provided to individual patients.   To keep the transition from CKD to ESRD and from dialysis to kidney transplant flawless.

Our Mission

To provide compassionate,  time sensitive care with professionally superior service to our patients.   To be the prime nephrology consultant of their choice.   To work collaboratively with our patients and their primary physicians.   To provide them with comprehensive support for a better and healthy future.

Our Core Values

Staff members at KHCC are committed to maintain easy availability to patients,  primary care providers and supporting health care staff at other institutions.   We strive to provide consistent and dependable service to our patients with the objective to find innovative solutions for them in a time sensitive manner.

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Mehreen S. Khan, MD and Gabriela Garza